Are you wondering what other people I’ve worked with are saying?  Here’s the place to find out!

Kendrick Shope

I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica for over a year. I originally hired Jessica to assist with routine daily tasks, anything and everything a small business owner must complete.

What I can tell you is Jessica performs anything but the standard tasks of a VA. She has “uncrashed” my website twice, created countless marketing pieces, and personally bulldogs my business finances. Jessica is an integral part of the success of Kendrick Shope, LLC.

Jessica is kind, trustworthy, flexible, and willing to sacrifice for the overall success of the business. Anyone who is lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Jessica, should leap at the chance. Jessica will bring the FabYoulous back to your business.

Kendrick Shope ~Life Coach and Professional Speaker ~www.KendrickShope.com

Travis Brady

Where would I be without Jessica? Her support has enabled me to have a better business. It’s more efficient, faster moving and attracting more clients. Her follow-through and timeliness keep me on track which is exactly what I need. I highly recommend Jessica.




Travis Brady ~ Your Coach ~ www.TravisBrady.com

Jana Schuberth

I have been working with Jessica for the past 6 months and am super happy with her work and most importantly the WAY she works. She is fast, always a step ahead of me and resourceful when I ask her to do something she hasn’t necessarily done before. Many, many times I have been positively surprised and impressed when I received an email from her suggesting something or just proposing better ways of doing something which clearly showed her commitment to me and my business as well as her taking full ownership over her work. She has become a very valuable and reliable business partner to me. In those few months, Jess has mainly being rocking my social media, set up events and calls using Aweber, Eventbrite and a couple of free conferencing services, she has written emails and copy for me based on a few bullet points, responded to emails, used her own initiative to add email responses, set up lists and a newsletter in Aweber, found hosting for my audio files and probably many other small things that I have already forgotten because I can so rely on her.

I think one of Jessica’s biggest strengths apart from her thinking ahead, reliability and speed is that she learns very fast. When faced with a new software or task, I found that spending a few minutes explaining something to her over Skype or email is all that’s needed and she instantly picks things up from there and runs with them. I love that about her.

I honestly and from my heart couldn’t recommend her highly enough, because we have built a great relationship quickly and I couldn’t imagine being without her anymore.

I had been looking around for a while and am so glad I found someone as skilled and professional as Jessica!

Jana Schuberth ~ Career Design Coach ~ www.LoveWorkNow.com

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